I'm Conor, I study Fine Art at Lincoln University and play for a band called Anti-Clone. Turn it up, or turn it off and get fucked.
  • 30/01/14 - my collaboration piece by Ben Horrocks & Ash Newton from Between The Lines,Ash’s vulture, Ben’s fox (not shown in picture).

    Vultures are just ace, they live off death which is a wonderful thing, and they work hard for life. Sure they eat a lot and sleep a lot, but if your next meal is 3 weeks away or so then you have to eat what you can.

    It feeds off death to stay alive.

    Sure it has bad habits, but who doesn’t? It was once seen in the same light as eagles, both are symbols of motherhood, obviously i’m not a mum so I’m taking it in the term that i’m caring.

    The Fox is the cunning creature that will eventually try to be the death of me, the fox will try and take advantage of my nature, however I will fight the fox and will continue to care for those around me, until death takes me for what I am.